BBB Fun Facts!

Typical 1994 Stage Setup

(left to right)

Gwen Zak

--Fender Precision bass, Peavey TKO 115

Barry Childs-Helton

--Gibson Les Paul, Guild F212 acoustic 12-string, DOD effects, Gorilla GG-20

Sally Childs-Helton

--afuche, dumbek, Meinl congas, DrumKat 3.0, Kawai XD-5 drum synth, metallophone galactica, cymbals, Gorilla GB-30

Mary Ellen Wessels

--Seagull acoustic, dumbek, recorders

Michael Kube-McDowell

--Roland D-20 synthesizer, Carvin 6/12 double-neck electric, Yamaki acoustic, Schroetter viola, Fender Twin Reverb.

Sound support

--Gorilla 250-watt p.a., Peavey 110HC 12" speakers.

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