Emprise by Michael Kube-McDowell (Berkley edition) Enigma by Michael Kube-McDowell (Berkley edition) Empery by Michael Kube-McDowell (Berkley paperback) Isaac ASimov's Robot City: Odyssey by Michael Kube-McDowell (Berkley paperback)Alternities by Michael Kube-McDowell (Ace paperback edition) The Quiet Pools by Michael Kube-McDowell (Ace paperback) Exile by Michael Kube-McDowell (Ace paperback reprint) The Trigger by Arthur C. Clarke and Michael Kube-McDowell (Bantam hardcover)

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Amazing Stories August 1979 E's Not Dead Yet,
 and Other Ruminations

23 February 2014, Okemos MI -- Thirty-five years ago tonight, I achieved my first professional sale in science fiction--a short called "The Inevitable Conclusion," to Amazing Stories, for $50.

In those days Amazing sent out the acceptance, the one-page contract, and the check all together. February 23, 1979 was a Friday. I was still teaching science at Heritage Middle School in Middlebury, and that particular Friday I stayed on the hilltop campus to go to that evening's Northridge High School basketball game. My first wife, Karla Kube, had stopped home before joining me there, and so was the one to find the envelope from Amazing in the day's mail.

Karla had been made well aware of the 3rd Law of Freelance Writing ("Big yellow envelopes bad news, little white envelopes good news") and so brought the envelope to me. She found me sitting in the sparsely-occupied stands watching the JV game, and it was there that I opened and learned which of my goals I'd achieved...(read more)

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"When Winter Ends" by Micahel Kube-McDowell (in After the Flames) Photon: Thieves of Light by Michael Kube-McDowell (Berkley paperback) Star Wars: The Black Fleet Crisis by Michael Kube-McDowell F&SF July

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