by Michael P. Kube-McDowell

Last Revised: Tuesday, July 07, 2009

  • First edition October 1988, Ace - U.S.
    ISBN: 0-441-01774-6 | $3.95

  • Spring 1989, SF Book Club - U.S.
    Catalog Number 14837

  • October 1989, Sphere - U.K.
    ISBN: 0-7474-0458-5 | L3.99
    View British wrap cover

  • November 1989, Hayakawa - Japan
    ISBN: 4-15-010846-3 | 500 yen
    View Japanese cover

  • 1 February 2005, iBooks/S&S - U.S.
    ISBN: 0-743-49780-5 | $12.95
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First edition cover credit: Imtek/Pictor


1988 Nebula Award Preliminary Ballot

LOCUS Recommended Reading List

"ALTERNITIES is the best parallel universe novel to come around in years and years. Michael P. Kube-McDowell creates a startlingly believable universe and takes us on a thrilling tour."
--David Brin, author of THE POSTMAN and STARTIDE RISING

"ALTERNITIES is an exciting novel of alternate worlds. Kube- McDowell is an author to be reckoned with."
--Greg Bear, author of THE FORGE OF GOD and BLOOD MUSIC

" gripping a page-turner as anything I've read since SEVEN DAYS IN MAY...the work of a novelist who has reached the peak of his storytelling powers."

"...compellingly explores the ethics of power and political responsibility."

"ALTERNITIES may well be the best parallel world novel of this or any other year. One can only hope that, though none is mentioned, there will be sequels."

"Michael Kube-McDowell's new book is probably the definitive parallel universe novel. The author successfully combines careful speculation with the human dimension to create a compelling, suspenseful novel."
--Janice Eisen, ABORIGINAL SF

"ALTERNITIES is nothing less than a political science tour de force, an exercise in alternate history and sociology, set against the dramatic countdown to a different America's first-strike nuclear Armageddon. Turn off the TV and read this one now; it's a keeper."

"Kube-McDowell keeps the tension high...His characters and their worlds are convincing enough that their destiny matters. ALTERNITIES will make you think -- and care."
--Faren Miller, LOCUS

"...a hell of a good book, the best SF I've read in a long time."
--Crawford Kilian, author of THE EMPIRE OF TIME

"ALTERNITIES is a fine combination of science fiction and political thriller...Kube-McDowell's writing is impressive."
--Martha Bartter, SFRA NEWSLETTER

"This book gave me as much old-fashioned enjoyment as just about any other I've read this year...A great thriller, and a very gripping piece of science fiction."

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