Emprise ~ Enigma ~ Empery
The Trigon Disunity
by Michael Kube-McDowell

Last Revised: Thursday, May 21, 2009


First edition cover art
by Ron Miller

  • First edition June 1985, Berkley
    ISBN: 0-425-07763-2 | $2.95

  • December 1987, Ace
    ISBN: 0-441-18074-4 | $3.50

  • March 1988, Legend - U.K.
    ISBN: 0-09-953360-X | L3.50

  • August 1991, Tokyo Sogensha - Japan
    ISBN: 4-488-70101-9 | 480 yen

  • October 1997, Heyne - Germany
    ISBN: 3-453-10923-6 | 16.90 DM

  • 1 November 2003, iBooks/S&S - US
    ISBN: 0-743-47536-4 | $11.95

Nominated for the Philip K. Dick Award
for Best Original Paperback Novel

Enigma cover

First edition cover art
by Ron Miller


  • First edition May 1986, Berkley
    ISBN: 0-425-08767-0 | $3.50

  • July 1987, Ace
    ISBN: 0-441-18074-4 | $3.50

  • May 1988, Legend - U.K
    ISBN: 0-09-953630-7 | L3.50

  • August 1993, Tokyo Sogensha - Japan
    ISBN: 4-488-70103-5 | 600 yen

  • 1997, Heyne - Germany
    ISBN: 3-453-10924-4 | 16.90 DM

  • 1 March 2004, iBooks/S&S - US
    ISBN: 0-743-47916-5 | $13.95

Empery cover

First edition cover art
by Ron Miller

  • First edition June 1987, Berkley

  • September 1988, Ace

  • September 1988, Legend - U.K

  • October 1993, Tokyo Sogensha - Japan

  • 1997, Heyne - Germany

  • 1 May 2004, iBooks/S&S - US
    ISBN: 0-743-48655-2 | $14.95

Trigon Disunity International Cover Gallery

Remarks on the "Trigon Disunity" by Concordat historian Rianth Janias



Reviews of EMPRISE

1985 Nebula Award Preliminary Ballot

LOCUS Recommended Reading List

1985 Philip K. Dick Award Nominee (Best Original Paperback Novel)

Placed #2 in the 1985 Locus Poll for Best First Novel

"Here comes the kind of novel we need in the mid-Eighties: a novel which shows that humankind is, with all its faults, redeemable. Emprise has true excitement because it deals with that most dangerous of all time-zones: the present."
--Brian Aldiss, author of The Trillion-Year Spree

"A heady mix of political intrigue and hard science as Earth reacts to its first interstellar contact. An impressive debut."
--Julian May, author of The Many-Colored Land

"A fine first novel, the work of an alert intellect dealing with major issues...the first of a trilogy which should prove to be as fascinating as it is ambitious."
---Faren Miller, LOCUS

"A remarkably mature novel; reminiscent of Arthur C. Clarke at his best."
--Peter Heck, NEWSDAY

"One of those rare books where the ideas, the plotting, the writing, and the characters are all first-rate."

"Michael Kube-McDowell's Emprise proves that he can handle the vast sweep of historical events with a skill few other writers can match."
--Orson Scott Card, author of Seventh Son

Reviews of ENIGMA

1986 Nebula Award Preliminary Ballot

LOCUS Recommended Reading List

"At its best, science fiction sometimes resembles the mystery novel, investigating a puzzle of xenobiology, planetology, physics, or alien behavior. ENIGMA is a novel of this type, a search for answers to large and fascinating questions...the stuff of prime SF."
--Faren Miller, LOCUS

"This sequel to EMPRISE, the author's fine first novel, continues that book's canny portrayal of scientific collaborations complicated by military, political, and personal powerplays, tensions, and allegiences. ...Intelligent, intriguing, and well-written..."

"Kube-McDowell has set himself that most difficult of SF tasks: future history. He is striding across generations, and yet so artfully that you are caught up in the sweep of events...The ideas are cosmic sci-fi at its best; the characters are real and interesting; and the writing will sweep you effortlessly along. Read Kube-McDowell now, so you can tell your friends you discovered him before he won his first Hugo."
--Orson Scott Card, SF&F FORUM