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Novels by Michael P. Kube-McDowell


Bantam Spectra, 2002 / paperback
(First Edition)

plus shipping


HarperCollins UK, 1999 / Hardcover
(First Edition)

plus shipping

Bantam, 1999 / Hardcover
(First American printing)

plus shipping

HarperCollins UK, 1999 / Trade paperback
(Australian edition)

plus shipping

Bantam, 2000 / Paperback

plus shipping

HarperCollins UK, 2000 / Paperback

plus shipping


Book 1 Before the Storm
Ace, 1995 / paperback

plus postage

Book 2 Shield of Lies
Ace, 1995 / paperback

1st printing available!

plus postage

Book 3 Tyrant's Test
Ace, 1996 / paperback

1st printing available!

plus postage

The Black Fleet Crisis
in French
from Flueve Noir.
Set of three paperbacks.

Only 1 set available!

US postage included

The Black Fleet Crisis
in Italian
from Sperling & Kupfer.
Set of three large paperbacks.

Only 1 set available!

US postage included


"Highly recommended"--Booklist

All editions are out of print in the United States.
See also the limited edition
Exile t-shirt, below.


1991 Hugo Award nominee for Best Novel

All editions are out of print in the United States.

  • Ace hardcover / 1990 first edition
    ......permanently out of stock
  • Ace paperback / 1991 first printing
    .....$7.50 + postage

iBooks, 2004 / trade paperback

plus shipping


iBooks, 2003 / trade paperback
(2-in-1 reissue contains Book 1 & 2)

Out of print

iBooks, 2004 / mass market paperback

plus postage

Ace, 1987 / mass market paperback
(first edition)

Out of print

Rarities and Curiosities

All out of print. All new and unread, most mint or near-mint. Quantities limited.

Cover Stories in Magazines

November 1987 Analog cover November 1987 issue of Analog
Cover story: "Nanny" by Michael P. Kube-McDowell (novelette)
Cover art by Todd Hamilton (1st professional magazine cover)
...$6 + postage
August 3, 1981 issue of Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine
Cover story: "Slac//" by Michael P. Kube-McDowell (novelette)
Cover and interior art by David Mattingly
...$6 + postage


ALIEN STARS II: AFTER THE FLAMES, edited by Elizabeth Mitchell

Short novels by Silverberg, Spinrad, and Kube-McDowell ("When Winter Ends")

Baen Books edition, 1985 / Paperback / Definitive version of "Winter"
...$10 + postage

Translations and "Foreign" Editions

All copies at least very good. Some bear small signs of their long journey from the publisher to my hands, in the form or a bump here, a crease there.

EXILE in French
J'ai Lu edition, 1994 / Paperback / Catalog #3689 / Unabridged / 438 pages
...$10 plus postage
French title: Projet Diaspora
J'ai Lu edition, 1993 / Paperback / Catalog #3496 / Unabridged / 440 pages
...One only! $12 plus postage

EXILE in German
Heyne edition, 1999 / Paperback / Catalog No. 5993 / Unabridged / 446 pp
...$10 plus postage
German title: Diaspora
Heyne edition, 1992 / Paperback / Catalog #1680 / Unabridged / 584 pages
...One only! $12 plus postage
Hayakawa edition, 1989 / Paperback - two volumes
...One only! $20 plus postage
The complete Trigon Disunity -- EMPRISE, ENIGMA and EMPERY -- in Japanese
Tokyo Sogensha edition / Paperback - two volumes per title, six volumes in all
...Very rare! $50, shipping included
The complete Trigon Disunity -- EMPRISE, ENIGMA and EMPERY -- in German
Heyne edition, 1997-98 / Paperback - three volumes
...Two only! $30, shipping included

Private Edition EXILE T-Shirt

Original graphic art by the author showing the Arch of the Thirteen Bells in Ana. Black print (one side) on light grey fleck 50/50 tee. Just three left! A wearable collectible. Sizes as listed.
  • Medium (2 available)
  • Large (1 available)

.....$15 + postage (not eligible for Media Mail)

To see a closeup image of the T-shirt design, click here.

Black Book Band "Brain Weasels Tour" T-Shirt

Original "BBB rocket" graphic by K-Mac on the front, complete tour itinerary on the back (including the notorious cancelled dates). This is the tour that produced the "First Contact" live album. White print on heavy-weight black 50/50 tee. Sizes as listed.
  • permanently out of stock


Special Edition Black Book Band "Heaven & Earth Tour" T-Shirt

The "Heaven & Earth" tour t-shirt was produced especially for the Black Book Band's reunion appearance as Guest of Honor for Ohio Valley Filk Fest XIV (1998) and, prior to this, was sold only at the con. These are the last of that one-time-only print run. Front has an original graphic by The Bear (Barry Childs-Helton), the back the most optimistic itinerary ever assembled by a band with no paid roadies. Heavy-weight 50/50 tee. Close-out. Colors and sizes as listed.

$11 + postage for L and XL
$12 + postage for XXL
(not eligible for Media Mail)

Black Book Band live album First Contact

Recorded live in multitrack digital stereo by Dodeka's Bill Roper during the 1993-94 "Brain Weasels" tour. Includes "Moondance," the BBB's signature closer "Hope Eyrie," the found-filk medley "Madman on the Watchtower," a hard-edged cover of Bruce Cockburn's "If I Had A Rocket Launcher," and those great Barry Childs-Helton originals. Autographed by 2/5 of the band (K-Mac and Gwen Zak).


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