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Starship Memphis

Important Notice

 To: All SS Memphis lottery participants and merit applicants

The passenger and crew manifests for the voyage to Tau Ceti are now full. The deadline for exchanges has passed, and the departure berth and assignment rosters have been locked.

Only withdrawals will be permitted between now and embarkation. Due to the required training protocols, withdrawals will not be replaced. Redundancy was built into the community design, and if necessary Memphis could fly its mission with as few as 8,000 persons aboard. However, the ship's psychometricians anticipate no more than 141 late withdrawals.

Vacant berths will be held by the Purser for disposition by the Population Office in accordance with the protocols specified in the Master Contract. Note that no transfer or expansion applications will be accepted until the 100th day of the voyage, no matter how many vacancies there are on Departure Day.

On behalf of the Project, this Office sincerely thanks each and every one of you for your eager interest and invaluable support, and we graciously accept your blessings on our endeavor. Each of you is invited  to bid for a place on Mohenjo-Daro when the selection pool opens on 1 January 2100.

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Last Revised: March 04, 2014